Building Air Pressure Testing and MVHR Fitting

Project Management

We offer our project management services for your dream build. We would manage your chosen trades people, schedule the work and deliveries, our experience will help foresee problems before they arrive and generally liaise between everyone: the Building Control officer, the Architect, the client, the electricians, plumbers, joiners, plasterers, roofers etc. We would also swing a hammer and tighten a screw as needed.

I’ve been in the building game for most of my life – I suppose I started aged about 10 or 11 helping out with repairs, small building and landscaping projects when my father was headmaster of Prestfelde School in Shrewsbury. Liking building things and being good at maths and physics I ended up reading Civil Engineering at Nottingham University. Whitewater kayaking had always been part of my life and after graduation in July 1976 I set off to Nepal in a Ford Transit as the youngest member of the British Everest Canoe Expedition. Returning from this I needed money and started work on building sites. Repeat this: expedition followed by building sites for the next 40+ years! Obviously no employer would tolerate this behaviour and I went self employed in 1977. Starting with house repairs and building cupboards to earn a living I gradually graduated to larger jobs; extensions and then whole-house refurbishments around the country (and also in France). In 2009 my sister employed me for a no holds barred eco-refurbishment of her house in Hackney. I saw the light that energy efficient houses were not the preserve of the rich – they can be built economically. Other eco refurbishments and builds followed and I now concentrate on energy saving building. We also fit MVHR systems for the Green Building Store  and other designers and carry out air tightness tests on houses. This means I have been to several builds where it is obvious that the client and builder (and sometimes the architect) have no idea about air tightness and a project manager with experience in air tightness to keep the trades in line and manage the scheduling of the build would have saved significant sums. Very few general builders know just how hard it is to get an air tightness below 0.6 Air Changes per Hour at a 50 pascal differential for a Passivhaus. Even 3 ACH, the suggested economic cut off for a MVHR system, is a challenge. With a knowledgeable project manager you can “build tight” and not have chase inaccessible leaks when the air test fails at the end of the job! Attention to detail is the key: corners, services and pipe penetrations, dot and dab plasterboarding is a special problem.

I specialise on energy-efficient houses – general tract house building would just bore me.

Email me if you want to discuss your project. We offer a very flexible service from a full on-site presence 5 days a week, a weekly appearance to keep the job on track, a consultation at the start of the project with further site visits as the job progresses, the choice is yours.