Building Air Pressure Testing and MVHR Fitting

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Dave Manby.

In 1976 I got what my university tutor described as a “good canoeist’s third” Bsc degree in Civil Engineering. (Given that this was a verbal conversation I have no idea if he meant “good canoeist” or “good third” not being able to hear any hyphen). Anyway, immediately after picking up my degree I got in a minibus and drove to Kathmandu as the youngest member of the British Everest Canoe Expedition to paddle the Dudh Kosi the river that flows off Everest.  On returning from this I went to work on building sites to repay the bank balance. Further kayaking expeditions lead to further jobs on building sites to pay off further loans and 40 years on I am still paddling and working  on building sites. I now specialise in energy-efficient refurbishment, not on the high-tech side of things, but building tight, ventilating right and insulating everything in sight!
It was after discovering Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery units whilst renovating my sister’s house in 2008 I was fully converted to eco-building and air tightness. Age takes its toll and so I am moving more into fitting MVHRs ducting and units and air-tightness testing. 3 meter duct lengths are lighter than bags of cement! (I don’t paddle as hard any more either!)
You can read about the refurbishment of my sister’s house here and also in Katy Dunn’ article, ‘Pioneering Spirit’, if you subscribe to Grand Designs Magazine, (October 2010, p76-84). My sister’s refurbishment lead to another eco-refurbishment in Balham  here
Dave Snell.
Dave returned to the UK from Virginia, USA where he had variously been a air-conditioning technician, a ventilation commissioner, a monster-truck builder and a jobbing builder. His air-conditioning and ventilation experience from industrial buildings (including the USA’s equivalent to CERN) gives him great knowledge of duct work, air flow and the problems that can arrive when CADland and the real world don’t coincide . His experience as a jobbing builder enables him to think out solutions !
Also being younger than me he is more computer literate than I am!
  •  We are both ATTMA registered air-tightness testers. We are based in North Wales – Llangollen – but travel for air-tightness testing and MVHR fitting.
  • We are happy to give help and advise during the planning stage and will even do early site visits, if wanted, prior to plasterboarding for air-tightness testing fitting, or even earlier for MVHR fitting.
  • We are both experienced builders 40+ years of renovation and site work.
  • Just one thing we do want – if you want us to fit a MVHR system, can we fit the ducts before the plumbers and electricians; ducts are not nearly as flexible as wires or pipes!